About the team

The Kinder Mountain Rescue Team is part of the Peak District Mountain Rescue Organisation, is self funding, and a registered charity (Reg. No 1115933).

We provide search and mountain rescue services under the control of the Police. Our 50 mountain rescue team members are all volunteers. Kinder Mountain Rescue Team (KMRT) is based in Hayfield, in the Peak District. Over ten million people visit the Peak District annually and many of those come to see sights such as the Kinder Downfall and wander around the Kinder Edges. They might also see more than fifty men and women from Kinder Mountain Rescue Team responding to a callout or training. We rescue hikers, climbers, fellrunners, mountain bikers and the occasional sheep from the wild and high places of the Western Peak district as well as urban searches to assist police in looking for missing people.

The Team outside our headquarters in Hayfied

The Team outside our headquarters in Hayfield


Kinder Mountain Rescue Team covers an area that includes the Plateau of Kinder Scout, the highest point in the Peak District, and westward to the outskirts of Stockport. In addition we augment the available manpower of other mountain rescue teams when required, Glossop Mountain Rescue Team (Bleaklow) and Buxton Mountain Rescue Team (Goyt Valley, Macclesfield Forrest).

We are increasingly called upon to assist police in non mountain searches, where available police resource is limited, and the situation urgent. In addition to call-outs we conduct regular training sessions covering first-aid, search, and rescue techniques.