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Helicopter Training with 202 Squadron

Big yellow bird

Typically the weather was looking set to cancel our scheduled helicopter training. This time, we had a mixture of experience, new and probationary members going to RAF Leconfield (as the last 5 or more attempts have been cancelled due to RAF Search Read More…

16 September 2010: Search techniques training

Tonight’s training session would be out on the hill, practicing a series of search techniques commonly used – Corridor or Footpath searches, Sweep or Line searches, Echelon searches.

What a lot of people forget is that we don’t just search for ‘casualties or bodies’. We are sometimes tasked to locate Read More…

Alan’s Diary – 4×4 Training Day 27.6.10

Driving through the smelly water

The drivers group were wheeled out again for our bi-annual 4×4 refresher training.  This was hosted by Corporate Pursuits, a professional off-road instruction company.  They taught us to drive up steep hills, down steep hills and through smelly water.  We Read More…