Category: Callouts

31: Callout Friday 3rd August 2018

Type – Injured walker
Location – Kinder lower slopes
Time – 13.25
Team members – 11 KMRT
Duration – 1.5 Hour or  16.5 Volunteer Man Hours
Volunteer Man hours so far this year – 1063.5 Hours
A walker was reported injured near Caldwell Clough Farm. We were able to locate her quickly, treat her and transfer her to a land ambulance for transport to hospital.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

30: White Peak Walk Medical Cover 14th July 2018

Type – Safety support
Duration – 25 Volunteer Man Hours
Volunteer Man hours so far this year – 1022 Hours
Members of the team spent the day providing medical and safety cover for the walk and spent time treating a variety of ailments and injuries to keep the walkers on their way if possible.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

29: Callout Monday 2nd July to Friday 6th July

Type – Logistical support
Location – Saddleworth Moor
Team members – 10 KMRT 
Duration – 12 Hours per day or  120 Volunteer Man Hours
Volunteer Man hours so far this year – 1022 Hours
During this week, we provided a vehicle and two team members to assist the Fire Service with logistical support whilst they fought the moorland fires on Saddleworth and surrounding area.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

27 and 28: Callouts Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th June 2018

We were contacted by Oldham Mountain Rescue Team at 18:56 with a request to provide them with medical support cover, to assist their involvement with a significant moorland fire on Saddleworth Moor.

We despatched one of Land Rovers with a team doctor and three experienced casualty carers to provide medical assistance for anyone injured in fighting the fire.

We were stood down and arrived back at base at 01:03. Our friends in the Oldham team continued to provide cover throughout the night.

Neil Woodhead
Deputy Team Leader

26: Callout Sunday 24th June 2018

Whilst assisting the Kinder Trog Fell Race with marshals and casualty care, we were contacted by East Midlands Ambulance Service. A walker near our checkpoint at Edale Cross had suffered a lower leg injury, believed to be an ankle fracture. A hill party were despatched to the location provided but no-one was found. The air ambulance was also tasked to attend. A new location was then provided putting the casualty well along the southern edge path. The casualty was taken to hospital by the air ambulance and we were stood down, to continue with assisting the fell race.

25: Callout Saturday 16th June 2018

Whilst providing safety cover and a sweep team for the Baslow Boot Bash Event, the team attended to a lady who had ligament damage to her ankle. The injury was treated and she was stretchered a.short distance to our vehicle. She was then taken back to the village hall for onward transfer to hospital.

The team also picked up a walker with cramp, who was transported back to the village hall.

Neil Woodhead

Deputy Team Leader

24: Callout Sunday 27th May 2018

The team were alerted to assist in locating a child who had become separated from his family whilst walking on Kinder. Having spoken to his father, there was a strong feeling that the child had been seen on the edge path following the family’s intended route. In the hope that he had made his way down, we initially went to check the family car and the routes down to it. At the same time a request was made for NPAS helicopter support, which had already been tasked. Whilst checking the roads and speaking to walkers coming off the hill, a team member was told that a child matching the description had been seen at the bottom of William Clough. This was passed onto the NPAS crew who were able to check and it was shortly confirmed that the child had been assisted by other walkers and reunited with his father.

A good result all round.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

23: Callout Sunday, 20th May 2018

Whilst returning from exercise we were alerted to an injured team member who had been hurt whilst helping prepare a field for a gymkhana. We provided casualty care from our paramedic whilst waiting for a land ambulance and helimed helicopter. After examination by the helimed doctor, the casualty was transported by land ambulance to hospital. Many thanks to the member of Buxton MRT who provided initial casualty care.

22: Ambulance Assist Sunday 6th May 2018

  • Type – Ambulance Assist
  • Location – Teggs Nose Country Park – Macclesfield
  • Time – 09:30
  • Team members – 11 KMRT
  • Duration – 1 Hours or  11 Volunteer Man Hours
  • Volunteer Man hours so far this year – 870 Hours

A group of team members were meeting at Teggs Nose Country Park to practice our Rope Rescue Read More…

21: Callout Sunday 22nd April 2018

  • Type – Stuck walkers
  • Location – Kinder Plateau
  • Time – 18:30
  • Team members – 29 KMRT
  • Duration – 3.5 Hours or  101.5 Volunteer Man Hours
  • Volunteer Man hours so far this year – 855.5 Hours

The team had spent much of the day supporting the Kinder Downfall Fell Race with marshals. I was contacted by the Duty Read More…