Category: Callouts

41: Callout Tuesday 18th October 2016

The team received a call regarding a group of 5 youths who had become disoriented in bad weather and were now benighted somewhere in the vicinity of Kinder Scout; during initial contact with the group themselves they stated that they thought they had started descending from the plateau so the three MR Teams commenced searching the northern, western and southern slopes of the plateau.

36+37+38: Incidents at New Mills Lantern Parade, Sat 24th Sept

The Team were providing on-scene standby cover, to the New Mills Lantern Procession – which this year had an estimated 14,000 people attending (up from the predicted 10,000). Hundreds of illuminated, hand-made lanterns process through The Torrs (aka “The Park Under The Town”) – with additional fire effects and lighting along the route.

34: Callout Saturday 3rd September 2016

The Team were called to assist a walker with a knee injury who could no longer walk. She was located at the top of Williams Clough and stretchered back to the road head, before being taken to hospital. Thanks to GMRT for their assistance.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

32: Callout Saturday 13th August 2016

The team were called by the duty controller to assist a lady with a suspected broken ankle.
Whilst the first party were on route to the scene a passing member of Edale MRT came across the incident and was able to assist the casualty and also advise us of her condition and location.
Due to the potentially uncomfortable and painful route back to Hayfield the casualty was evacuated by Air Ambulance.
Thanks to Derwent Julia and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance for their assistance.

31: Callout Tuesday 9th August 2016

The team were called out by GMP to a report of 2 walkers and their dogs who were lost and tired. They had reported their position to be around South Head Farm. A SARLOC text was sent but did not get a fix. A first party drove up towards the farm to begin a search and met the pair on the road and so were able to return them to Hayfield.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

29: Incident on A515 at Buxton – Saturday 9th July 2016

Whilst en-route home from the White Peak Walk, in the dark gloom, and driving the ‘humpbacks’ just south of Buxton, on the A515 Ashbourne Road, we encountered a stationery vehicle and motorcycle – with a man lying in the road, clearly injured. Whilst a Casualty Carer provided immediate medical assessment and care, I raised the alarm with Police/Ambulance via our Airwave radio and other team members marshalled the traffic (which can travel at high speed along this stretch of road). Once the ambulance had arrived and further triaged the casualty, it transpired that he had been drinking earlier, was trying to walk to his girlfriends and had taken a tumble into the road where he was found by the passing vehicle and motorcycle. He is one VERY lucky-to-be-alive young man as the outcome would certainly have been fatal had the traffic not seen him in the road.