Category: Callouts

1: Callout Monday 2nd January 2017

For our first callout of the year, I was contacted by the duty controller to provide assistance out of area as both Buxton and Edale teams were already busy. A walker had slipped and broken her ankle on the way down from the summit of Mam Torr.

48: Callout Saturday 17th December 2016

The team were called to assist a female walker who had become disorientated in the mist and darkness. Despite very poor mobile signal, we were able to get a SARLOC fix on her location and quickly recover her back to our waiting team vehicle.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

47: Callout Saturday 10th December 2016

The team were called to the assistance of some walkers who had become disorientated on the plateau. They reported themselves in the area around Jacobs Ladder. I was able to talk to the group and through the use of SARLOC, establish that they wee in fact at the top of Crowden Clough. This is outside our operational are, but by now the team were operational so it as quicker for us to continue to their location. Once found, they were escorted down into Edale where their car was and our team members were then collected and returned to Hayfield.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

45 Callout Wednesday 30 November 2016

Received a call from a team member whose wife (an experienced nurse) had come across a lady who had fallen in an area of woodland and was drifting in and out of consciousness. She called for an ambulance and alerted her husband that our assistance would be required to move the casualty.
The team was stood down on route to the incident as the Park Rangers were able to assist.

Howard Taylor
Deputy Team Leader

42: Callout Thursday 3rd November 2016

The team were called at 0100 to assist in the search for a lost walker. With 2 SARDA dogs and hill parties from both teams converging on the Mill Hill area, he was located with the assistance of Rescue 112 before being walked off the hill.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

41: Callout Tuesday 18th October 2016

The team received a call regarding a group of 5 youths who had become disoriented in bad weather and were now benighted somewhere in the vicinity of Kinder Scout; during initial contact with the group themselves they stated that they thought they had started descending from the plateau so the three MR Teams commenced searching the northern, western and southern slopes of the plateau.