Category: Callouts 2017

12: Callout Friday 10th March 2017

The team were called to assist a male who had been reported with a lower leg injury. Having confirmed his location, team members were able to get to his location and provide initial treatment. Once stabilised, he was packaged up onto our stretcher and carried to our waiting vehicle before being transferred to a land ambulance.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

11: Callout Sunday 5th March 2017

The team were called to assist a lady who had been out walking her dog. She had slipped and injured her ankle. Having confirmed their location through SARLOC, we were able to quickly locate her party and after medical attention, she was loaded onto a stretcher and carried down to an EMAS ambulance.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

10: Callout Saturday 4th March 2017

The team helped Oldham with a search around lower Mossley. We put water trained members along the river and canal whilst others searched the surrounding waste land.

Nothing was found.

Neale Pinkerton
Team Leader

9: Call out Monday 20th February 2017

The team were called to assist a lone female walker who had contacted her sister because she was disoriented by the low cloud believed to be near to Kinder Low End trig. Her sister then contacted the Police and the team were called out. As hill parties were being dispatched the lady contacted the Police to inform them that she had made her way off the hill safely and the team were stood down.

8: Callout Sunday 19th February 2017

Two walkers contacted the police when they got disoriented in low cloud in the Crowden Tower area. SARDA Dog Dolly and handler were deployed together with other hill parties and because of the imprecise location of the casualties other MR Teams from Glossop, Edale and Buxton were called to assist in the search. The two walkers were eventually found by Dolly cold and wet and one of the casualties had lost his shoes in the mud. After they were given warm drinks and a pair of wellingtons they were walked to the team’s ambulances and taken to base before they were returned to their own vehicle.

7: Callout Saturday 18th February 2017

Two walkers contacted the police when they got disoriented in low cloud near to the Woolpacks. The two walkers were located by SARLOC and two hill parties were deployed to their location. Once they were located they were given warm drinks and then they were walked off to the team’s waiting ambulances and evacuated to our team’s base. They were then taken back to their vehicle which was parked at Barber Booth, Edale

6: Callout Monday 30th January 2017

  • Type –Missing walker
  • Location – Northern Edges of Kinder Scout
  • Team members – 3 Kinder MRT
  • Duration – 30min. or 1.5 volunteer man hours
  • Volunteer Man hours so far 204.64

Received a call from Greater Manchester Police with information on a missing walker. Further investigation proved it to be an existing incident being handled by Read More…

4: Callout Sunday 22nd January 2017

The team were asked to assist in the location of a lost lone walker. Fortunately we had just got a SARLOC fix and were on our way to collect her when news came through from the police that a fell runner had met her and was escorting her back down into Edale where she was met by a SARDA handler.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader