Category: Callouts 2017

7: Callout Saturday 18th February 2017

•             Type – Lost Walkers
•             Location Woolpacks
•             Team Members – 19 Kinder MRT
•             Duration – 3 Hours or 57 volunteer man hours
•             Volunteer Man Hours for year so far: 261.64
Two walkers contacted the police when they got disoriented in Read More…

6: Callout Monday 30th January 2017

  • Type –Missing walker
  • Location – Northern Edges of Kinder Scout
  • Team members – 3 Kinder MRT
  • Duration – 30min. or 1.5 volunteer man hours
  • Volunteer Man hours so far 204.64

Received a call from Greater Manchester Police with information on a missing walker. Further investigation proved it to be an existing incident being handled by Read More…

4: Callout Sunday 22nd January 2017

The team were asked to assist in the location of a lost lone walker. Fortunately we had just got a SARLOC fix and were on our way to collect her when news came through from the police that a fell runner had met her and was escorting her back down into Edale where she was met by a SARDA handler.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

3: Callout Sunday 15th January 2017

We were asked by Woodhead MRT to pick up a group of disorientated walkers that they had encountered whilst covering a fell race. A single vehicle was despatched to pick them up and return them to Hayfield.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

2: Callout Friday 6th January 2017

We were called out at 5pm to assist with a search for a pair of ladies lost on the plateau. The weather was closing in and it was reported one had lost a shoe in the peat bogs. The ladies had no idea where they were and SARLOC had failed to reach them.

1: Callout Monday 2nd January 2017

For our first callout of the year, I was contacted by the duty controller to provide assistance out of area as both Buxton and Edale teams were already busy. A walker had slipped and broken her ankle on the way down from the summit of Mam Torr.