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30: Callout Saturday 22nd September 2012

  • Type – Ill walker
  • Location – Edale Rocks
  • Team members – 19 KMRT and Helimed 72
  • Duration 3 hours or 57 man hours

We and Helimed 72 were called to assist a walker who had collapsed whilst out walking.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader


29: Standby – Thursday 20th September 2012

  • Type – Missing child
  • Location – Goyt Valley Area
  • Team members – 23 plus Buxton MRT
  • Duration 30 minutes

We were put on standby to assist Buxton MRT and the police to look for a young child who had gone missing from home. Fortunately the child was found before we deployed.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader


28: Callout Saturday 8th September 2012

  • Type – Walker suffering a diabetic incident
  • Location – Downfall area of Plateau
  • Team members – 25 KMRT and Helimed 53
  • Duration 2 1/2 hours or 62.5 man hours

I received a call to respond to a walker who had suffered a diabetic incident up on the plateau, near the Downfall.

27: Callout Sunday 29th July 2012

  • Type – Road Traffic Crash
  • Location – Long Hill, A5024
  • Team members – 12 KMRT, Buxton MRT, Fire Brigade, Ambulance crews and Police
    Duration 2 hours or 24 man hours

We were called at 1.00am to assist in the recovery of people from a crashed car on the Long Hill road.

17: Callout Sunday 1st July 2012

  • Type – missing party of walkers
  • Locations – Kinder Plateau
  • Team members –27 KMRT and Police Air Support
  • Duration 3 1/2 hours or 94.5 man hours

We were asked to find a party of walkers who had become lost in the misty conditions.

16: Callout, Saturday 23rd June 2012

  • Type –ambulance assist, ill walker
  • Locations – Cracken Edge
  • Team members –14 KMRT
  • Duration 15 minutes or 3.5 man hours

We were asked to assist an ambulance crew who had been called to an ill walker in the Cracken Edge area. As we were getting things going, the crew reported that they no longer Read More…

15: Callout, Sunday 3rd June 2012

  • Type –exhausted / hypothermic  walker
  • Locations – Brown Knoll area
  • Team members –16 KMRT, Helimed 54, Glossop MRT
  • Duration 3 hrs or 48 man hours

We were called to assist a young walker doing a D of E expedition who had reportedly collapsed due to the cold and was at that point unconscious. Due Read More…

14: Callout Sunday 27th May 2012

  • Type –exhausted walker
  • Locations – Jacobs Ladder area
  • Team members –30 KMRT
  • Duration 4 1/2 hrs or 135 man hours

Having completed a super training session earlier in the day, most team members had just arrived home when I put them on stand by. Earlier on I had received word that an exhausted walker Read More…