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Callout 32: Tuesday 22nd December 2009

  • Location. Kinder Plateau
  • Type of incident. Hill walker, lost
  • Time. 14:15
  • Team members. 22
  • Duration. 2 hours
  • Man hours. 44

After callout 31 and with deteriorating weather, the  decision was taken to man our base for the rest of the day and it was not long before that choice proved worthwhile. A walker had become disorientated Read More…

Callout 31: Tuesday 22nd December 2009

  • Assist ambulance service. Offerton, Stockport.

As I received the took the initial message and called the team out, it became clear that local roads were gridlocked, with some team members leaving their cars and going by foot. An ambulance stuck in snow was towed out by a local farmer just as Read More…

Callout 30: 20th December 2009

  • Location. Kinder dam, Hayfield
  • Type of Incident. Sledging
  • Time. 17:00hrs
  • Team Members. 29
  • Duration. 1.5 hours
  • Man Hours. 44

The snow was falling heavily, people were out sledging and snowboarding and it was just going dark. I was in the process of  helping the police tow a car that had skidded, blocking the road when the Read More…

Callout 29. 5th December 2009


  • Location – Kinder Low
  • Type of Incident – Hill walkers, lost
  • Time – 18:04
  • Team members – 22
  • Duration– 2hrs 17mins
  • Total man hours– 50hrs 14mins

A group of three walkers found themselves lost having been caught out by darkness and heavy mist in an area popular with walkers for losing their way. They were swiftly Read More…

Callout 28. 29th November 2009

  • Location – Lyme Park, Disley, Cheshire.
  • Type of Incident – Male with breathing difficulties
  • Time – 11:28
  • Team members – 20
  • Duration – 3mins!
  • Total man hours – 1hour

It had to happen sooner or later, I am half way round a fell race – cold, wet, tired, out of breath….. then the phone rings. Trying Read More…

Stand-by. 20th November 2009

Location– Cumbria
Type of Incident– Stand-by to assist at the floods in Cumbria
Time – 09:15 (Friday 20/11/09) – 13:00 (Sat 21/11/09)
Following the extensive press coverage of the severe weather that had battered the North of England and part of Scotland it came as no surprise to get the call, “Stand-by to assist Read More…

Callout 27 14th November

Location Kinder Low End / Swinesback

Type of Incident 4 walkers lost

Team Members 26

Duration 2 hours

Total Man Hours 52

We were called out at 5pm to search for 4 walkers who had got lost around the Kinder Low End trig point. From descriptions they gave to the duty controller, we had a Read More…

Alan’s Diary – Callout 14.11.09

Déjà vu [pron, dey-zhah voo] – noun.  That feeling when you have been on a rescue for exactly the same thing in pretty much the same place at just about the same time the previous Saturday night.

I was sat at home on Saturday evening and just settling down for the Read More…

Callout 26. 11-Nov-2009

Location – Kinder Low trig point
Grid Ref  – SK 07918709
Type of incident – Walker, Lost
Team Members – 3
Duration – 45mins
Total man hours – 2hr 15mins

Two team members out for a stroll came across a walker who was lost in foggy condtions and had already made a 999 call to Read More…