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Callout 10: 15 July 2008

Called at 12:47 in response to a 12 year old boy who had slipped and fallen near South Head. The boy was part of a school party out for a walk. In the event, the casualty was picked up by air ambulance and the team was stood down. Glossop and Read More…

Callout 8: 19 June 2008

Team called at 01:20 to assist the police in a search for an elderly, vulnerable lady who had gone missing from her home in Stockport. The team searched areas near the lady’s home without success and was stood down at 05:00. Happily the lady was found unharmed later in the Read More…

Callout 7: 15 June 2008

Whilst providing race cover for the Kinder Trog fell race, the team provided assistance to a runner with an injured ankle. The casualty was treasted on site and driven down to Hayfield from Edale Cross in the team landrover.

Callout 6: 14 June 2008

Called at 14:15 to assist a mountain biker who had taken a fall on the Edale Cross track and broken his wrist. The casualty was treated on site and then driven down in the team landrover to the waiting road ambulance.

Callout 5: 25 May 2008

17:00. A casualty with a lower leg injury was escorted to Edale Cross by a Peak Park Ranger. The team landrover was used to carry the casualty down to Hayfield.

Callout 4: 25 March 2008

Called at 19:00 in response to a group of older teenagers who had reported themselves lost somewhere between Kinder Downfall and Edale. Kinder team searched the western approaches to Kinder whilst Edale/Buxton teams covered the southern flank. The group were located by a search dog in the Woolpacks area of Read More…

Callout 2: 3 February 2008

A male walker broke his ankle at Kinder Downfall. A member of the team came across the casualty whilst out walking on Kinder and called out the rest of the team directly. Meanwhile, Kinder Team Leader received the formal callout via the Peak District Controller. By coincidence he was at Read More…

Callout 1: 12 January 2008

The year started with a call at 13:05 to assist Edale MRT / Buxton MRT joint snatch squad. A solo walker was going up Crowden Brook and had fallen about 20ft at one of the waterfalls and landed in the water. He had a fractured femur, head injury and hypothermia. Read More…