Category: Callouts 2014

11: Callout Saturday 10th May 2014

  •  Type – Missing vulnerable search
  • Location – Goyt Valley, Romiley area
  • Team Members – 28 Kinder MRT, plus 12 Joint Water Group and 1 SARDA
  • Duration – 6.5 Hours or 182 volunteer man hours

We were asked by GMP to assist in the search for a missing vulnerable person in the Goyt Valley area of Romiley. Read More…

10: Callout Tuesday 6th May 2014

  • Type – Body Recovery
  • Location – Fernilee Reservoir
  • Team Members – 4 Kinder MRT, plus Buxton MRT
  • Duration – 1 Hour or 4 volunteer man hours

Kinder members of the Joint Water Group assisted Buxton MRT in the recovery of a body from the edge of Fernilee Reservoir.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

9: Callout 4th May 2014

  •  Type – Overdue D of E group
  • Location – Kinder Plateau
  • Team Members – 17 Kinder MRT, plus Buxton MRT and SARDA
  • Duration – 1 Hour or 17 volunteer man hours

The team were called after a group of Duke of Edinburgh trainees were late arriving at their campsite.

8: Callout 20th April 2014

  • Type-Lost walkers
  • Location-Kinder Plateau
  • Team Members-19 Kinder MRT, plus Glossop, Edale, Buxton and Derby MRT’s and 2 SARDA
  • Duration-10 Hours or 190 volunteer man hours

The team were called out to look for a family group of walkers from Edale lost on Kinder – this was spookily similar to last night!

7: Callout 19th April 2014

  • Type-Lost walkers
  • Location-Kinder Plateau
  • Team Members-17 Kinder MRT
  • Duration-2 Hours or 34 volunteer man hours

A family with young children had become lost whilst walking on Kinder from Edale.

6: Callout 5th April 2014

  • Type-Medical Emergency
  • Location-Kinder Plateau
  • Team Members-25 Kinder MRT plus Rescue 128
  • Duration-3 Hours or 75 volunteer man hours

We were called to reports of a walker with a heart condition on Kinder.

5: Callout 5th April 2014

  • Type-walking group with medical issues
  • Location-Kinder Plateau
  • Team Members-24 KMRT plus Glossop, Derby and Buxton MRT’s
  • Duration-1.5 Hours or 36 volunteer man hours

A DofE group activated their PLB to indicate they needed assistance.

4: Callout 21st March 2014

The team were asked to assist in a search being carried out by Edale and Buxton MRT’s. We were going to carry on the search come daylight but fortunately the person was found.

From Edale MRT Facebook site

Incident 17 – 20th March 2014 2000hrs

The car of a missing vulnerable female was Read More…

3: Callout Thursday 6th March 2014

  • Type-Lost Walkers
  • Location-Kinder Plateau
  • Team Members-14 Kinder MRT plus SARDA search dogs, Buxton MRT
  • Duration-1 Hours or 14 volunteer man hours

Called by our colleagues from Buxton MRT to assist in locating 3 missing walkers on Kinder Scout.

2: Callout Sunday 2nd March 2014

  • Type –Lost Fell Runners
  • Location –Kinder Plateau
  • Team Members – 30 Kinder MRT
  • Duration – 5 hours or 150 volunteer man hours

A fell runner reported himself, partner and dog lost on Kinder after the weather had closed in.