Category: Callouts

Below you’ll find a list of all of our callouts

4: Callout Sunday 14th January 2018

We were called to the assistance of a lone walker who had been reported missing by his family. Early conversations with him had failed to give us clues as to his location, so the Kinder Plan was initiated, with all 4 teams covering their sides of Kinder. Additionally, a Coastguard helicopter was requested to aid the search. Unfortunately, bad weather prevented Rescue 912 making it to the area but fortunately a Glossop section had just spotted a light being flashed in the Black Ashop Moor area. Upon investigation, the missing walker was located, warmed up and then escorted off the hill.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

3: Callout Saturday 13th January 2018

We were called to assist a mountain biker who had come off his bike and injured his leg, believed broken. After initial confusion as to his location, we were able to confirm him to be on the track down to the camp site near Bowden Bridge, where an NHS ambulance crew were already on scene, having been assisted by the staff from the campsite and his fellow bikers.

Once the ambulance crew had given him appropriate pain relief and splinting, we were able to carry him down to the waiting ambulance for transfer on to hospital.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

2: Callout Sunday 7th January 2018

The team were requested to assist a female walker who had slipped whilst descending a path and hurt her ankle. Once on scene the lady was splinted then carried to our waiting vehicle for transport back to base then on to hospital.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

1: Callout Thursday 4th January 2018

A request was made via the Duty Controller by Derbyshire Police in New Mills for assistance in looking for a missing person. Following discussions between myself and the Duty Controller, it was felt that there was not enough information to focus any possible searching we might do. The misper was found safe shortly after in New Mills.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

48: Callout Friday, 8th December 2017

We were called at 16:00 with a report of two walkers who had become lost in the snowy conditions around Pym Chair. Fortunately, they were able to give us a good description of their location as well as latitude and longitude figures. We were unable to drive to our usual start point at Edale Cross because of the snow and ice on the track, so there was a longer walk than usual. We located the couple who were uninjured but very cold. After warming up, we walked them off the hill to the safety of our base in Hayfield. We completed the job at around 20:30.

45: Callout Saturday, 2nd December 2017

We were called at 16.39 to locate a family of five including 3 children and a dog, who were lost in the mist on Kinder Scout. Initial information from the police put them in a very boggy area near the 629 spot height. A fast response hill party was despatched towards this location. Visibility was poor in the mist and it was now dark.

We were then lucky to get a successful response from SARLOC which put the family much closer to Hayfield and in a much easier location to access. As our second hill party was about to deploy, we diverted them towards the new location from Tunstead Clough. Further details confirmed this second location and the first hill party was also diverted there.

Both hill parties arrived on scene within seconds of each other and were able to escort the family off the hill to the waiting Land Rovers, for a drive back to base. All ended successfullyy, the children had a real adventure and the Springer Spaniel enjoyed the experience as well.

The team were stood down at 19.31 and the night was still young for our unpaid volunteers to enjoy…….or could they?

46: Callout Saturday, 2nd December 2017

Just 24 minutes after standing the team down from callout 45, we were again called out to locate two lost walkers on Kinder Scout plateau. Information was limited but the south west corner was highlighted as the most likely area to search. Having just returned from the hill, team members knew visibility was limited and this could be a long and extensive search.

Buxton MRT were immediately called to assist us and Kinder hill parties were deployed to Edale Cross by Land Rover to commence searching the high probability areas. Following a review of our limited intel, we discussed the search with the Duty Controller and decided to activate the full Kinder Plan. Edale and Glossop MRTs were then activated, both of whom had also been involved in callouts earlier.

SARLOC was then successful once again and the location identified as north east of Kinder Low trig point. This was right on the search path of our first hill party and they were quickly able to locate the two lost walkers. They were walked back to the waiting Land Rovers and driven back to base in Hayfield.

A second successful callout and once again SARLOC made the search much easier and quicker. This is an invaluable tool that enables us to identify missing walkers locations from the GPS in their mobile phones.

We stood down at 22.50 and now the night was no longer young, but we had successfully found a total of 7 lost walkers and a dog over the previous hours.

Many thanks to our unpaid volunteers for turning out, to the support their families give them and to our friends in Buxton, Glossop and Edale MRTs for assisting. It had been a busy day for the teams around Kinder.

Neil Woodhead

Deputy Team Leader

43: Callout Saturday, 28th October 2017

We were called by the Duty Controller at 11.04 with a request to assist Buxton MRT. Derby MRT and SARDA were also being asked to assist. The search was for a high risk misper in an extensive area. As search areas were being planned the misper was located. We stood down at 11.59

42: Callout Thursday, 26th October 2017

We were called at 18.06 to locate a father and two sons who had become disorientated whilst walking from Edale to Crowden. We were fortunate to pinpoint their location using SARLOC, which was near the top of the Sandy Heys path onto Kinder. Having spoken to the party, who were fit and well but tired and lost, they kept warm and sheltered in their now known location. A fast response party was despatched and they were able to locate and walk the party off the hill. After cups of tea they were taken to Chinley station to catch a train back to Sheffield. The team stood down at 21.30

Neil Woodhead
Deputy Team Leader