Kinder Mountain Rescue Team
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Kinder MRT/Derbyshire FRS joint exercise success

Today the team was out with Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) undertaking a joint exercise to test inter-agency operations; as the flooding incidents of 2015 demonstrated all too clearly, Mountain Rescue Teams and FRS can be called upon to work closely together under difficult circumstances, and that’s not the Read More…

8: Callout Thursday, 15th February 2018

As callout 7 was underway, at 18.30 we were contacted with a second incident. Two walkers had become lost and stuck in boggy ground whilst descending off Kinder. Their location was believed to be Upper Moor. We despatched a vehicle and hill party who quickly located the walkers, who were walked off to the vehicle and safely returned to Hayfield. The incident was closed at 19.48

Neil Woodhead
Deputy Team Leader

7: Callout Thursday, 15th February 2018

We were called at 17:50 with a report of two walkers lost on Kinder. Their initial position was given as around Kinder Low. The weather was clear and cold, with the last of the snow stopping us driving the landrover up the Edale Cross track. As our first party walked to Edale Cross, further information suggested that the casualties were around Swine's Back. We searched this area and saw lights down in The Cloughs. We investigated and located the casualties, who were cold but well. We walked off to the Jacobs Ladder track and down to waiting vehicles from Buxton MRT, as we were dealing with a second incident (see callout 8). Completed at 21:20.