Kinder Mountain Rescue Team
Saving lives in wild and remote places

35: Callout Saturday 29th September 2018

We were tasked to assist a female walker with a lower leg injury. With initial team availability very low, we requested assistance from BMRT who began making their way to the casualty from Edale as we approached from Hayfield. Helimed was requested but was not able to land at the location to evacuate them, though their doctor was able to get out to do an assessment alongside our casualty carer.

We carried her to the top of Jacobs Ladder where she was loaded into our LandRover and driven back to Hayfield before being passed to a land ambulance for transport to hospital.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

34: Callout Sunday, 23rd September 2018

We were called at 11:30 to assist a gentleman around Noe Stool on Kinder who had scalded his ankle with boiling water from a stove. His ankle had blistered badly and he was no longer able to put his boot on nor walk. We were able to provide first aid treatment on scene and then stretcher him to our landrover ambulance at the top of Jacob's Ladder. We drove him and his friend down to Hayfield and then on to Edale, where his friend drove him to hospital.

33: Callout Saturday, 18 Aug 18

We were called at 15:10 by the North West Ambulance Service. A mountain biker had fallen in the wooded valley at the river Goyt in Offerton and sustained serious injuries. NWAS medics were on scene, as were the Fire Service, but they required assistance with the evacuation.

We lifted the casualty on to our stretcher, carried him up the steep slopes and loaded him into our landrover ambulance.

A short drive and we transferred the casualty to the NWAS land ambulance.