Kinder Mountain Rescue Team
Saving lives in wild and remote places

43: Callout Saturday, 28th October 2017

We were called by the Duty Controller at 11.04 with a request to assist Buxton MRT. Derby MRT and SARDA were also being asked to assist. The search was for a high risk misper in an extensive area. As search areas were being planned the misper was located. We stood down at 11.59

42: Callout Thursday, 26th October 2017

We were called at 18.06 to locate a father and two sons who had become disorientated whilst walking from Edale to Crowden. We were fortunate to pinpoint their location using SARLOC, which was near the top of the Sandy Heys path onto Kinder. Having spoken to the party, who were fit and well but tired and lost, they kept warm and sheltered in their now known location. A fast response party was despatched and they were able to locate and walk the party off the hill. After cups of tea they were taken to Chinley station to catch a train back to Sheffield. The team stood down at 21.30

Neil Woodhead
Deputy Team Leader

41: Callout Friday, 20th October 2017

We were called at 12:30 to assist a lady who had become stuck in the peat bog whilst on her Duke of Edinburgh award hike. Fortunately, some members of the team had just come of the hill and so we were able to deploy quickly. However, as we were driving up the Edale Cross track we received a message that the casualty had been released from the bog by a passer by and was safe and well. We were able to turn round and return to base, completing at 13:30.

40: Callout Sunday, 15th October 2017

While on the PDMRO ‘foundation’ course final exercise on Hey Moss a Road Traffic Collision occurred on the A628 Woodhead pass. Kinder Mobile 1 was deployed to the scene, with a small party including our new team doctor.

The team were first on scene and provided immediate first aid and scene management. The NHS road ambulance swiftly followed and the crew and MRT Doctor worked efficiently to treat and stabilise the motorcyclist who was suffering multiple trauma injuries. With concern for a rapid evacuation Helimed was requested. The team prepared a landing site on the carriageway. Once the casualty was loaded onto the helicopter and departed, the team returned to the final stages of their training weekend.

We also send our best wishes to the motorcyclist and hope he has a speedy recover.

Phil Ridley
Training Officer