Kinder Mountain Rescue Team
Saving lives in wild and remote places

7: Callout Monday 25th March 2019

The team were called to assist 2 young walkers who had become navigationally challenged at the end of their walk. They were located using SARCALL and teams sent to their location. They had become very cold during this time so were walked off to our vehicles and warmed up on the drive back to base.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

6: Callout Thursday 14th February 2019

  • Type – Missing vulnerable
  • Location – Middlewood / Higher Poynton
  • Time – 13.35
  • Team members – 17 plus Cheshire Search & Rescue Team and SARDA
  • Duration – 4.17 Hours or 70.83 Volunteer Hours
  • Volunteer hours so far this year –  277.8

We were called to assist Cheshire Police and Cheshire Search and Rescue, with the search Read More…

5: Callout Wednesday 13th February 2019

A family of 5 reported themselves lost whilst returning from a walk on Kinder. The Duty Controller had used Sarcall to locate them at the top of William Clough. Having spoken to them to assess their condition, they were asked by our Team Leader to stay there and hill parties were sent to their location. Most of them were able to be walked off though one of the younger children was too tired by then and was stretchered off by the team back to the road head.

Neale Pinkerton

Team Leader

4: Callout Monday 11th February 2019

  • Type – ambulance assist
  • Location – Alderley Edge
  • Time – 10:47
  • Team members – 13
  • Duration – 0.15 Hours or 3 Volunteer Hours
  • Volunteer hours so far this year –  115.5

We were contacted by North West Ambulance Service to assist with an elderly gentleman who had fallen.  As the team were mobilising, the ambulance service Read More…