Kinder Mountain Rescue Team
Saving lives in wild and remote places

29-31: White Peak Walk Saturday 8th July 2017

Whilst providing safety cover for the White Peak Walk around the Monyash area, we attended three incidents.

The first was a male walker who was complaining of chest pains towards the latter part of the 26 mile walk. He was diagnosed and treated at the scene, before being transferred to Chesterfield Hospital, where he was admitted for observations.

The second incident was a male walker who became dizzy and disorientated after completing the walk. He was diagnosed and treated at the scene, making a full recovery.

The final incident was a female walker who became faint and generally unwell after completing the walk. She was also treated on scene and made a full recovery.

Neil Woodhead
Deputy Team Leader

28: Callout Wednesday, 5th July 2017

We were called at 23:50 to a walker who had injured his ankle on the upper western slopes of Kinder. He was unable to walk off. We provided pain relief and splinting. We then used our stretcher to carry the casualty over rough ground for two hours to the waiting Landrover and drove him to base and the waiting EMAS ambulance. The main team completed the job at 04:30. Two team members drove the casualty and friend back to their car at Edale, getting back to base at 05:30.

Dave Eustace
Deputy Team Leader