Kinder Mountain Rescue Team
Saving lives in wild and remote places


15. Callout. Sunday 17th May

Type. Ambulance Assist.
Location. Ollersett Moor, Birch Vale.
Team Members. 33.
Duration. 2.5 hours or 82.5 volunteer man hours.
Volunteer Man hours so far. 754.5

Whilst finishing a training exercise we received a call to assist the ambulance service who were unable to reach an injured male mountain bike rider.
Despite some initial confusion as to Read More…

Windgather Rocks

Crag team training at Windgather Rocks

As well as all our regular training, we have smaller groups of members, who carry out further training in specific tasks, such as rope rescue.

This month, our rope rescue specialists went to Windgather rocks to practice, and to allow two other team members to learn the ropes! The night was Read More…

Huw (Central Beacons MRT), Sally (Kinder MRT), and Darren (Buxtton MRT) having completed the London Marathon. Congratulations!

A busy weekend for KMRT

This weekend was a very busy weekend for us at Kinder Mountain rescue!

Our usual monthly exercise was replaced by our marshaling of the Kinder Downfall Fell Race, and providing first aid cover. 266 runners set off from Hayfield in a chilly breeze, but glorious sunshine to complete the 15.4 KM Read More…


14. Callout. Friday 10th April

  • Type. Search for missing walkers.
  • Location. Coldwell Clough
  • Team Members. 1
  • Duration. 30min.
  • Volunteer manhours so far. 672

Received a call for assistance by the duty controller to search Coldwell Clough for two missing walkers. Shortly after alerting the team we were stood down as they had been located.

Howard Taylor.
Deputy Team Leader